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[Mordin is spending most of his day in the clinic, looking through various medical files of some of the patients. There are numerous species here that he has never heard of, and many more he has only read in story books. Mythical creatures, cryptids, and deities. There's so much now that he does not know, and as a doctor, it was his duty to be as prepared as possible, should something happen. In the back of his mind, he knew that in this Malnosso-controlled world, something as devastating as the Halloween Plague could be right around the corner. However, many of these medical records were incomplete, or lacking biological information. He reclines in his chair, eyes narrowing as he reads. These weren't enough. He needed more in-depth information. Perhaps a trip to the library would be in order in the future. For now, he'll switch to his journal.]

Greetings. Have been looking through old medical files; hope to learn more about unfamiliar species. Looking to know as much as possible. Biological information very important: can more easily treat injury, disease; study shifts. Invaluable data. Would appreciate any information you can give.
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[It feels like it's been a few days since Mordin even saw the sun. After the pain, the frustration, the hard work, and admittedly, the fear, that circulated the events of the draft ultimately exhausted the old scientist to his very limits. After a brief trip to the bar not long after returning home, he has sense been locked into his room, either sleeping, meditating, or writing-- anything he can do to take his mind off of the events that unfolded not even a week ago.

After four days, he feels he should start returning to life again. He grabs his journal.]

Greetings. Professor Mordin Solus, creator of draft plague cure. Some time has passed since plague; seems likely it did not spread to Luceti. [A relief, to say the least. It might actually be over, for the moment.]

Still, would like to express caution; stress necessity of health. Recommend any who have not been immunized against plague: do so. Clinic is open, I am always available, when needed. Especially concerned with those who died during draft. Currently unsure if any have resurrected yet, but when they do, please send them to see me.

[He pauses for a moment, considering ending the broadcast there. However, another thought crosses his mind. This might take effort. A good pet project to help him keep his mind off of the draft.

Later in the day, Mordin can be seen heading for the smithy. There, he browses through the metal available, taking copious notes on his omni-tool. He notes the durability, weight, and load-bearing properties of each metal, before moving to the next. He's got a lot on his mind, but he's easily approachable. In fact, he's probably looking for you. He's going to need help. Will you want to?]
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[It has been about two weeks since Mordin arrived in Luceti, and he has spent most of it in solitude. An unknown location, among unknown people using unknown technology. It was only natural for him to maintain silence in order to better understand his surroundings; standard procedure in the STG, and all. Luckily the book he found when he first arrived was more than full of information-- provided all of it was true. He spent most of his first two weeks investigating: checking communications, observing culture, the occasional soil and plant tissue sample. He concluded that there were definite dangers in this little village, but it didn't come from the people inhabiting it. He decided that he should finally reveal himself.

The item shop seemed like the best place to start. Surely there would be some kind of lab equipment there. It might not be the most up-to-date, but he's made due with worse. At least it isn't farm equipment. He walks in casually, and begins browsing the shelves, eventually coming across some beakers and flasks, wrapping them in whatever soft things he can find so they won't be broken as he transports them.

It is the first time, however, he notes the unusually large proportion of humans in this village. Um... hello.]


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